Creative Technologist

What attracts me to technology and other mediums is the ability to create things that benefit others. Over the years I’ve worked on a wide variety of applications: in games, in education, in health, in social good, in both software and hardware, and in non-technological forms.

I am most happy and work best in a healthy, communicative, creative, humble environment that employs agile and iterative practices. I am just as comfortable from the inception of a vision, through prototyping, and into eventually releasing and scaling. I most enjoy thinking about people, ways to address their problems, and ways to add delight and whimsy to our day to day.

In recent years I have been appreciated being in leadership roles, doing as much combined product and design work as I have engineering, working with and mentoring new and seasoned creators, and helping create ways for us all to work more productively and happily.


Creative Technologies Consultant
2010 - Ongoing

Various, Practical and Experimental Works
Open Source here and here

Two friends and I founded Adorkable in 2010 as a playful, curious and creative informal collective for personal projects and consulting work. 

I work with clients in a variety of fields including education, social good, venture technologies, and fashion commerce, and in a variety of capacities depending on the needs of the client:

  • Structure, facilitate, and participate in initial product ideation and research

  • Build initial software and hardware prototypes for testing concept directions and technologies

  • Advise teams on hiring approach for building team to carry product further

  • Advise teams on process and practice

  • Advise teams on engineering architecture

  • At times is sole designer and developer for exploring, prototyping, and developing ideas


Director of Software
Oct 2015 - Feb 2018

Available here

At Poursteady we designed, manufactured and sell a cloud connected precision motion-controlled specialty coffee machine for cafes. My role was to plan, architect, and build the software for the machine, our web app and backend, and our internal and external tools.

  • Planning short term and long term goals and growth in both our product and potential new products and platforms

  • Work with our users (baristas, companies, etc) to represent coffee and brewing concepts in ways most conducive to all parties

  • Design, build, and maintain full stack for the coffee machines deployed around the world in a variety of situations


iTastify / Noble
2015 - 2016

Available here

I was hired by Noble School to create an offline restaurant experience rating app based on their mocks and to design a curriculum for others to learn to build the very same app.

Noble had difficulty funding the entire process and eventually could not justify paying for the curriculum. Although the app was delivered fully realized my interest and motivation in the job was the educational aspect so this was a disappointing follow through.


Maui New York

Maui New York is a creative technology studio with a successful web commerce platform used by a number of fashion design companies.

I was hired to design and develop an iOS mobile fashion store app platform, first populated for a pitch to Billy Reid, but build for Maui to use with any and all future clients.



Socratic Math & Homework Help
Available here

Socratic is an online community-driven resource for students in high school and college. The folks at Socratic wanted to prototype and develop an initial homework assistance concept, the idea being a tool that would help unstick students from pain points in homework. The result of our work is an application in which a student snaps a photo of a homework problem and is given a set of resources to help solve their question. My responsibilities included:

  • Structuring and facilitating initial product research and ideation

  • Building initial prototypes for purposes of testing concept directions and technologies

  • Advising mobile engineering team on process, practice, and architecture

  • Advising engineering team on hiring approach for building mobile team

  • Lending feedback on visual design aspects


Creative Consultant

Byte / One / Peach approached me looking to concept creative applications of their platform that differed from the prototype mobile app they had built.

Byte Mod is a mod for the popular game Minecraft that provides a way to connect a Byte / One account and request information feeds in-game. The first application allows players to connect feeds to specially built signs, later applications discussed were visualizing Byte feeds over time or rendering image Bytes in-game.

Byte Display is a single task dedicated device for viewing one's Byte / One feeds. It provides a rotating slideshow of all of a user's Bytes making a simple go to for keeping up to date. Later features discussed were gesture interaction for manipulating the device.


2014 - 2015
Available here

AllPaws is an iOS mobile app and website attempting to improve the process of adopting a pet. Not only does it provide a modern experience for finding a dog, cat, or whatever type of pet you're looking but AllPaws is working with adoption agencies to create a much needed standard of process so that shelters and adopters can focus on the important things.

When I took over the AllPaws mobile app it was half built. I was tasked with designing and implementing the remain features as well as bringing the previous work up to App Store quality. Since release AllPaws has been well regarded and featured on the Apple App Store's Adoption Category. 


Mobile Engineering Lead
Oct 2013 - Oct 2014

Codecademy: Hour of Code
Available here
Javascript Coding Blocks

At Codecademy I led mobile product design and engineering over two projects.

We first created the iOS Hour of Code introduction and engagement app for's Hour of Code initiative. The app serves to expose people who have never programmed to what code looks like and what sorts of things they can do with it. The app has been featured over 25 times and has spent time as the #1 Free Education App worldwide in the Apple App Store.

Next I created a block based visual coding environment for programming on mobile devices. Inspired by Scratch it was meant to provide an experience with minimal typing, replacing text code units with visually and physically tactile code blocks. The system is flexible enough that it can represent any language, for the prototype's purposes it was initially built to represent Javascript code. It also allowed for building a course structure similar to Codecademy’s original offerings.


Lumosity (Lumos Labs)
Mobile Engineering Lead
Dec 2011 - Aug 2013

Lumosity Mobile
Available here

At Lumosity we created an online platform for exercising brain training through games. I, and later with my co-lead, joined to build the mobile team and mobile product.

We had the unique opportunity to start from scratch in many ways and built a new, luscious, beautiful experience. The app is frequently featured #1 Free Education App and occasionally as high as #5 Free Overall App in Apple App Store. My responsibilities included:

  • Creating and implementing short and long-term product timeline and strategy

  • Leading development of app, games, cross-platform framework, tools, and workflow

  • Creating a product focused team environment

  • Heavily involved in app's UX and game design

  • Serving as engineering manager of mobile team

Lumosity and brain training is still a field of research whose impact is still unclear, and there are regularly publications arguing for and against the exercise.


Lead Gameplay Engineer

We Rule

At ngmoco:) I first came on to help get their in-house game engine ready for release.

I then led the existing We Rule game team through implementing regular new feature and content updates. 

Eventually two coworkers and I built a new game proposal prototype for an online bite sized game arcade platform and experience. With regular new games, unlocks, and collectables it was meant to appeal to a wide range of players and be exciting to come back to again and again. It was also meant to be as exciting and diverse to develop as a way to address ngmoco:)’s internal lack of either.


Game Developer

Cupcake Corner

Built client for studio's first Facebook social game, Cupcake Corner. Built world, object and UI interaction, rendering stack and asset caching system. Built easily scriptable AI behavior and pathfinding system. 


Pacific English School, Inc.
Teacher / Web Developer
Oct 2008 - Oct 2009

Taught technical English adult classes at companies such as Texas Instruments, Toshiba, LNG 
Taught miscellaneous English adult classes and children's classes, from kindergarten to high school 
Assembled TikiWiki codebase into school's new website, including feature coding


Kaos Studios, THQ

Frontlines: Fuel of War

Helped build a AAA studio and played an instrumental role in taking our first title, Frontlines: Fuel of War, from prototype to release. 

Implemented majority of game rules and core gameplay features.
Implemented initial UI tech and acted as initial UI tech lead
Worked on numerous engine additions in sound, graphics and input
Designed and built a few specialist weapons and worked on a AI features
Worked closely with artists and level designers and built tool support
Did discovery work on untried platforms, third party licensed libraries and risk assessment 
Built initial versions of automated build creation/distribution system
Mentored and managed full time employees, interns and an off site contractor



As Digital Illusions' NY office we were tasked to create a new game in the then in-development Battlefield 2 engine. I came on after high level direction had been decided to design, create, test and iterate on new features. 

The resulting prototype we built was so liked by DICE that they wanted to move the team to the headquarters in Sweden to develop it into a full game.

  • built UI and menuing

  • optimized networking performance

  • built additional prototype game modes


Vicarious Visions

Tony Hawk Underground 2 (GBA)
Crash Nitro Kart (N-Gage)

Released October 2004 for Game Boy Advanced

  • created game progression system

  • expanded HUD system

  • fixed bugs in handheld side-scroller tool chain

Released July 2004 for N-Gage

  • built N-Gage Arena (online GSM) features

  • expanded menuing system and built game menus

  • built particle effect system

  • built features for progression system


Summer Programmer
Summer 2001, Summer 2002

- coded COM server to wrap BASIC database server and accompanying COM client 
- tested efficiency of eventual replacement with COM server 
- programmed VB ASP interface to SQL and Access servers 
- coded miscellaneous server and maintenance utilities


Habitat for Humanity International
Housing Builder
Sep 2010

Worked with others to build stilt bracing, sub-flooring and wall frames for volunteer house
Helped organize and cleanup ReStore's inventory


Culinary Center of New York
Kitchen Assistant
May 2008 - Jun 2008

Responsible for:
- Prepping kitchen for class
- Assisting students
- Cleaning up and preparing for next class



Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
2000 - 2004

Bachelors of Computer Science, Minor in Electronic Arts, qualified for newly formed Minor in Games

Created VR simulations for experiments in human perception and behavioral research with Professor Brett Fajen of the Cognitive Science department.

Acted as Net Art Teaching Assistant to Professor Adam Zaretsky for his Net Art class. Gave a lecture on building randomness into interactive and non-interactive web design.