Creative Technologist

Ian is generally a cool guy who enjoys beaches, sunrises and sunsets. He spends a fair amount of his working time around computer-y devices, thinking about people, ways to address their problems with creative applications of technology, and ways for his colleagues and his self to work more productively. When he isn't doing that he's working on silly or artful software toys.


Director of Software
Oct 2015 - Feb 2018

Available here

At Poursteady we designed, manufactured and sold an internet of things precision motion-controlled specialty coffee machine for cafes. My role was to plan, architect, and build the software for the machine, our web app and backend, and our internal and external tools.

  • planned short term and long term goals and growth in both our product and potential new products and platforms
  • worked with our users (baristas, companies, etc) to represent coffee and brewing concepts in ways most conducive to all parties
  • designed, built, and maintained full stack for the coffee machines, from the point of provisioning a machine to when a customer wants to know their brew analytics

Creative Technologies Consultant
Aug 2014 - Ongoing

Various, Experimental Works
Open Source here and here

Adorkable is a playful, curious and creative informal collective of friends and colleagues first incorporated in 2010. 

Working with clients in education, venture technologies, fashion commerce, among others I acted as consultant in a variety of capacities depending on the needs of the client:

  • structured, facilitated, and participated in initial product ideation and research
  • built initial software and hardware prototypes for testing concept directions and technologies
  • advised teams on hiring approach for building team to carry product further
  • advised teams on process and practice
  • advised teams on engineering architecture
  • at times was sole designer and developer for exploring and prototyping ideas

Mobile Engineering Lead
Oct 2013 - Oct 2014

Codecademy: Hour of Code
Available here

Lead mobile product design and engineering development.

  • created the iOS Hour of Code introductory and reengagement app for's Hour of Code initiative. The app serves to expose people who have never programmed to what code looks like and what sorts of things they can do with it. The app has been featured over 25 times and has spent time as the #1 Free Education App worldwide in the Apple App Store
  • created a block based visual coding environment for programming on mobile devices. Inspired by Scratch it is meant to provide an experience with minimal typing, replacing text code units with visually and physically tactile code blocks. The system is flexible enough that it can represent any language, for the prototype's purposes it was initially built to represent Javascript code

Lumosity (Lumos Labs)
Mobile Engineering Lead
Dec 2011 - Aug 2013

Lumosity Mobile
Available here

Engineering direction and development of Lumosity mobile app, frequently featured #1 Free Education App and occasionally as high as #5 Free Overall App in Apple App Store.

  • created and implemented short and long-term product timeline and strategy
  • led development of app, games, cross-platform framework, tools, and workflow
  • created a product focused team environment
  • heavily involved in app's UX and game design
  • served as engineering manager of mobile team


Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
2000 - 2004

Bachelors of Computer Science, Minor in Electronic Arts, qualified for newly formed Minor in Games

Behavioral Research with Professor Brett Fajen in Cognitive Science coding VR simulations for experiments in human perception research.

Net Art Teaching Assistant with Professor Adam Zaretsky in the Arts department as a teaching assistant for the class Net Art. Gave a lecture on programming randomness into web design.