Starting from an idea Jon Vermilyea had we eventually landed on a toy that would encourage positive language communication between you and the outside world.

Upon starting the game you are presented with an idle creature, similar to what you would find in virtual pet games like Tamagotchi. You are then directed to connect any number of your social media network accounts. These become the sources of "food" for your pet! Any post or comment you then make ends up in your pet's belly.

Say something positive and you provide your pet with healthy, nutritious eats which is then reflected in its demeanor and growth. Say something negative and you've just fed your pet poison which can only be countered with even more positivity.

With this simple mechanic we hoped to create an easy way to catch yourself or identify when you act negatively online, giving you the opportunity to learn and change your behavior. To drive the point even further home we discussed replacing the pet with a customized avatar of yourself.