Creative Technologies Consultant
2010 - Ongoing
Open Source here and here

Co-founded Adorkable with two friends to create a playful, curious and creative collective for passion projects and consulting work. I work with clients in a variety of fields including education, social good, venture technologies including VR and AR, and in a variety of capacities depending on the needs of the client.

  • Structure and facilitate in initial product ideation and research

  • Build initial software and hardware prototypes for testing concept directions and technologies

  • Advise teams on process and practice, engineering architecture, and hiring

Director of Software
Oct 2015 - Feb 2018
Available here

At Poursteady we designed, manufactured and sold a cloud connected precision motion-controlled specialty coffee machine for cafes. I single-handedly planned, architect-ed, and built the software for the machine, our web app and backend, and all internal and external tools. Prior to my departure, we had sold over 150 machines to cafes and restaurants spanning eight countries.

  • Planned short and long term goals for both our product and potential new products and platforms

  • Designed and iterated user experiences of baristas, companies, etc.

  • Designed, built, and maintained full stack for the coffee machines deployed in a variety of settings

Socratic Math
& Homework Help

Socratic is an online community-driven resource for students in high school and college. The folks at Socratic wanted to prototype and develop an initial homework assistance concept, the idea being a tool that would help unstick students from pain points in homework. The result of our work is an application in which a student snaps a photo of a homework problem and is given a set of resources to help solve their question.

  • Led product iteration process, including: leading brainstorming sessions, creating user personas, developing user stories and journeys, and creating first set of MVPs

  • Co-led building of first set of prototypes

  • Advised on their first engineering hire

Mobile Engineering Lead
Oct 2013 - Oct 2014
Codecademy: Hour of Code
Javascript Coding Blocks

At Codecademy I led the creation of the iOS Hour of Code introduction and engagement app for's Hour of Code initiative. This app serves to expose people who have never programmed to what code looks like and what sorts of things they can do with it. The app has been featured on the Apple App Store over 25 times and has spent time as the #1 Free Education App worldwide.

I also created a block based visual coding environment for programming on mobile devices. Inspired by Scratch, it provides a new kind of coding experience, with minimal typing, replacing text code units with visually and physically tactile code blocks. The system is flexible enough that it can represent any language. It also allowed for building a course structure similar to Codecademy’s original offerings.

Lumosity (Lumos Labs)
Mobile Engineering Lead
Dec 2011 - Aug 2013
Lumosity Mobile

At Lumosity we created an online platform for exercising brain training through games.  I was hired to build the mobile team and led the creation of the mobile product.

We had the unique opportunity to start from scratch and created the beautiful, luscious, and whimsical visual and interactive experience used across the company’s full suite of products. The Lumosity app is frequently featured as the #1 Free Education App and ranked as high as #5 Free Overall App in Apple App Store.

  • Served as engineering manager of the mobile team of 5

  • Created and implemented short and long-term product timeline and strategy

  • Led development of app, games, cross-platform framework, tools, and workflow

  • Responsible for hiring and training, monitoring progress goals, and conducting performance reviews

Kaos Studios, THQ
2006 - 2008
Frontlines: Fuel of War

I formed Kaos Studios with several friends in 2006 and built the AAA title Frontlines: Fuel of War, which had the accolade amongst games of its type for having the most players in a match at once.

  • Implemented the game’s rules, core gameplay and AI features

  • Implemented initial UI tech and acted as initial UI tech lead

  • Added a wide variety of engine additions in sound, graphics and input

  • Discovery work on non-PC platforms, third party licensed libraries and risk assessment

  • Built an internal automated build creation and distribution system