Mobile variety arcade game platform

Roger Royce, Brandon Milos and I conceived of and built a proposal prototype and video for a game platform that would provide as much variety to players as it would to the developers creating the games that would populate the platform. When we presented this proposal the sentiment at ngmoco was that there weren’t any big player-base games and that employees weren’t excited about the games they were working on. Wonderground would have alleviated this issue by creating a regularly expanding, endless variety of games interconnected through an engaging, evolving, larger meta experience. It would have featured:

  • An unlockable world full of regularly released arcade style games.

  • Players competing against and worked with friends and community members to unlock further access to the world and its games.

  • Players choosing a highly personable guide character to accompany them through the game.

  • Opportunity for ngmoco to reach a wide audience with very accessible and different games while provide exciting, ever changing projects and a playground for developers within the company.


A social game ngmoco purchased and maintained, their biggest money maker for a long time. My responsibilities included:

  • Led engineering team through a major update release.

  • Implemented key features for update release.