Journey (2010)


Journey was a puzzle game written for iOS. By solving each level the player would guide the little onscreen figure (never implemented, not pictured) further in its journey. A level was solved by finding edges and lines in ones environment and lining them up to connect the In platform to the Out platform.  Once connected the bridge would extend and physically join the two platforms, traveling along the edge the player found. Each level's had the option of having one side or the other side of the edge's background cut out and replaced with an image of the creator's choice.

Ideas for more complex levels, additional puzzle mechanics, multiplayer levels, and sharing were documented but never implemented.

In developing the project I explored how subtle cues can make fake elements rendered over the camera can feel more a part of the real world. Some things that felt good:

  • lighting 3d elements using the camera's average lighting direction and intensity ( a common practice now)
  • subtly lag rotating the 3d platforms to match the player's actual movements of their phone