Frontlines: Fuel of War (2008)

Released for Xbox 360 and PC

Frontlines: Fuel of War was our entry into one of the types of games we enjoyed playing. We set out to do threefold:
One, paint a picture of a world starved on oil dependance with the events of the game unfolding in a war-torn Kazakhstan.
take a different approach than most FPS games, hoping instead to highlight the terrible nature of war rather than glorify its violence. The game culminates in an attack involving nuclear weapons and a dramatic, horrific mushroom cloud.
Three, innovate the on gameplay mechanics to provide a strongly team oriented game.

My contributions as a founding member of Kaos Studios meant playing an instrumental role in taking an AAA title from prototype to release.

  • Implemented majority of game rules and core gameplay features
  • Implemented initial UI tech and acted as initial UI tech lead
  • Worked on numerous engine additions in sound, graphics and input
  • Designed and built a few specialist weapons and worked on a few AI features
  • Worked closely with artists and level designers
  • Did discovery work on untested platforms (PS3), third party licensed libraries and risk assessment 
  • Built initial versions of automated build creation/distribution system, acted as build tech lead
  • Mentored and managed full time employees, interns and an off site contractor