Byte / One / Peach approached me looking to concept creative applications of their platform that differed from the prototype mobile app they had built. Working with them once a week the result are the two working prototypes below.

Byte Mod (2015)


Byte Mod is a mod for the popular game Minecraft that provided a simple API for connect a Byte / One account and requesting individual or multiple information feeds. The first application was allowing players to connect feeds to specially built signs, later applications discussed were visualizing Byte feeds over time or pulling image Bytes in-game.



Byte Display (2015)

Byte Display is a single task dedicated device for viewing one's Byte / One feeds. It provides a rotating slideshow of all of a user's Bytes making a simple go to for keeping up to date. Later features discussed were gesture interaction for manipulating the device.

No photos of the device available at the moment.